Marco Rubio isn’t the only one talking about “improving” the amnesty bill

President Obama told fellow leftists yesterday to put aside concerns over the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill. He assured them that once Congress locks an overarching plan into place, his administration will be able to revisit the specifics and figure out how to address them.

It’s natural that both Obama and Marco Rubio are holding out the prospect of “fixes” to the immigration bill; they need to assuage nervous constituent groups. The difference is that only Obama is in a position to deliver.

Moreover, even if Obama were not the president, natural forces would favor his “fixes.” Those forces are bureaucratic incompetence and unwillingness scrupulously to enforce the immigration laws to the extent they disfavor illegal aliens.

Obama wasn’t the president in the years following passage of the 1986 amnesty — Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush were. We all know how that amnesty worked out.