The Democrats Respond to Michele Bachmann’s Retirement [Updated]

This morning the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out an email commenting on Michele Bachmann’s announcement that she will not run again in 2014. The email employed the breezy, low-rent tone that the Democrats have perfected. You wonder who writes these things; is it a 22-year-old slacker, or is there some middle-aged guy who gets paid millions to impersonate one? The emails subject heading is “this is CRAZY.” That capitalization (and lack thereof) is carefully calculated:

John —

Late last night, Michele Bachmann released a crazy web video announcing that she’s leaving Congress next year.

What is crazy about the video? Nothing, of course. But the Democrats try to put the word “crazy” in proximity to Michele’s name as often as possible.

THIS IS HUGE! Now that the Tea Party’s ringleader has called it quits, Boehner has to be wondering who’s next to go. If we can sweep up 17 Republican seats, we can take Boehner’s Speaker’s gavel and win a Democratic House for President Obama!

In 48 hours, our FEC fundraising deadline hits and we’ll report how many supporters we have standing behind us. Will you help us reach 500,000 strong standing behind our campaign to kick out the Tea Party House?

FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS, ALL GIFTS WILL BE MATCHED: Chip in $3 or more to defeat Tea Party Republicans.

It’s always about the money. I wonder who’s doing the matching?

Bachmann’s announcement is a huge blow to vulnerable House Republicans — so we need to put the pressure on them while they’re still reeling.

A huge blow to vulnerable House Republicans? Why? The Democrats have been telling us for years that Bachmann is a nut, but now she apparently is a uniquely powerful candidate. And would anyone seriously believe that House Republicans are “reeling” because Bachmann decided not to run for a fifth term? Of course not. But the Democrats’ political communications are not aimed at the intelligent.

Will you dig deep for Democrats today?


Democrats 2014

The Democrats’ tone could be summed up as: We’re trashy–and proud of it!

UPDATE: The Democratic Party sent out this email later in the day:

Subject: um. WOW!

Seriously? “um. WOW?”

John —

Um. WOW. We didn’t except so many of you to come out to celebrate the departure of Michele Bachmann from Congress.

If we can harness this momentum — and raise $200,000 by our FEC deadline in 48 hours — we really have a chance to kick the rest of Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party buddies out of Congress. Will you help us hit our goal and give a double dose of bad news to Boehner and the Republicans?

ALL GIFTS MATCHED FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS: Donate $3 or more to defeat Tea Party Republicans >>

One Tea Partier down. A whole bunch to go. If we keep this kind of enthusiasm up, we can kick them all out.


Democrats 2014

This didn’t come from the stoner who lives down the street from you. It is the official voice of the Democratic Party. Um, wow.