The Week in Pictures: Special BowSmack Edition

So what should be our theme of the week?  Maybe how the White House is still passing Benghazi all the time?  Or how the media is still (fill in the blank)?  Or perhaps the story about the heroism of apparently the first-ever person to come out publicly as gay?

Why don’t we start with the unintentionally revealing photo that the Wall Street Journal ran yesterday about the annual shareholder meeting of UBS, where a protestor wore a shirt that reads “Always Give 100% at Work.”  But blow up the picture and notice the subtitles on the shirt: “12% Monday, 32% Tuesday,” etc, adding up to 100 percent by the end of the week.  That really does express the effectual truth of the Occupy mentality doesn’t it?

Good to see this Alex Jones guy, of the preposterous Infowars site, coming in for some smack.  He and Piers Morgan really do deserve one another.

So who thought this was a good idea?

The Dark Side of the Loom

And since we’re closing on a music theme, take in this short video of BowSmack (Mike Block and Tupic Mantilla), offering not simply the best cover of a Jackson Five tune ever, but the most imaginative setting:


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