Why the Freedom Club?

I wrote here about the Freedom Club’s annual spring dinner, featuring Steve Forbes. At the dinner, a few of us were steered in front of a camera to free associate about the club. That led to this short video, “Why the Freedom Club?”, which I think you will enjoy:

The Freedom Club is a model, I think, for what can be done in other states. (There are, of course, some states that have similar organizations.) By banding together, a group of the state’s principal conservative donors have increased their clout and had a real impact on local, and to a lesser extent national, politics. Of course, we haven’t been able to turn Minnesota red; not yet, anyway. But if you are a Minnesotan and a donor to conservative politicians, I would urge you to consider joining the club. If you are not a Minnesotan or are not interested in joining the club, but would like to contribute to the club’s efforts, you can do that at the Freedom Club web site. Small contributions are more than welcome, and the cause is worthy. Thanks!


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