Women of the NRA

For readers of a certain age, that might sound like the title of a Playboy article of the 1960s or 70s. But no: it is the NRA’s latest volley in its pro-gun rights campaign. It makes a lot of sense, too. Women are the fastest-growing demographic of gun purchasers, and manufacturers are increasingly catering to them with firearms designed specifically with women in mind. Ammunition makers, too: I recently saw, for the first time, a variety of ammunition marketed to women, with pink tipped cartridges and reduced recoil.

Gun rights are like a number of other issues where our culture pushes women to think in a monolithically liberal way. But, to put it mildly, the anti-gun forces do not speak for all women. The NRA’s new videos are here. The “NRA Women” campaign is jointly sponsored by Smith & Wesson, in another smart move. Here is the latest video; it is very good, I think:

By the way, it seems to be a little-known fact, but the AR-15 is very popular with women, in part because it is easy to adapt to a smaller frame.


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