A Few Minutes With Gabriel Schoenfeld

We ran a short excerpt here a couple of weeks ago from Gabriel Schoenfeld about his new ebook, A Bad Day on the Romney Campaign: An Insider’s Account, which you can get on Kindle for just $2.99, but we thought it worth following up with Power Line’s first ever video chat.  (More of these to come as we get better at it.)  Gabe’s book is wonderfully compact; you can read it in a single sitting, which is what I bet most people will do after the first two pages.  It is a great contrast to all the would-be journalistic imitators of Theodore White who produce the quadrennial 800-page tomes thick with detail and gossip but very thin with insight and analysis. A Bad Day on the Romney Campaign is the campaign chronicle equivalent of a high-protein diet.

This first of two segments is a little over 10 minutes long, but we think you’ll agree it’s snappy!  And we cover the fundamental problem with what went wrong with the Romney campaign, along with Gabe’s reflections on a few key moments that underlined the failures of campaign strategy.  We’ll be back tomorrow with a second short installment that will ask the all-important question of whether the Republican establishment is learning the right lessons from Romney’s loss.