Boehner strikes a blow against amnesty

The Daily Caller reports that Speaker Boehner now says that if the House and Senate go to conference on immigration reform, he will not bring the bill that emerges to the floor unless it has the support of a majority of House Republicans. Previously, Boehner was non-committal about what he’d do in this scenario.

If Boehner adheres to his current position, then comprehensive, amnesty-style immigration reform legislation has a very tough road ahead. It’s difficult to see the Senate agreeing to an immigration bill that commands the support of the majority of House Republicans. Indeed, only about one-third of Senate Republicans are likely to vote for the Gang of Eight legislation, although the Gang could probably corral a few more votes if it really needed them.

Even so, the safest course for House opponents of amnesty-style legislation is to pass no immigration bill of any kind. That way, nothing is left to the vagaries of the legislative process.


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