From the Climatefail Files

As a follow up to yesterday’s Green Weenie about the feckless downhill ski industry, several Power Line readers have directed me to news stories about how late snow has kept many ski resorts open this year long after their usual closing dates.  Aspen Mountain reopened its upper slopes for skiing and snowboarding over Memorial Day weekend, while over in France, a ski resort has reopened following heavy snow this past week.

In other climate news there is the madcap headline that “Scientists Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gases by Breeding Fartless Cows.”  Well okay, but it better not affect the taste of my cheeseburgers.  (It’s called the “RuminOmics Project,” and I’m wondering what might happen if we cross-bred it with supply-side economics.  Paul Krugman might go out of his mind.  Oh, wait. . .)


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