Let’s Talk Guns

I have been obsessed with immigration lately, because our country’s future hangs in the balance. But let’s take a break and focus on something more cheerful: firearms.

Fun things have been getting delivered to my house lately. First, 1,000 rounds of 9 mm ammo from a source in another state, whom I was hooked up with via a Power Line reader. Then another 1,000 rounds of 9 mm, and I’m expecting 1,500 rounds of 22LR in the next day or two. No more standing in line in hopes of scoring a box of 50! Flush with ammo, my son and I went shooting at our local haunt last weekend. I can’t say I shot especially well; this was one of my better groups, nothing to write home about:

But that isn’t all: Today an extended magazine arrived for my SIG P938 Nightmare.

The extended magazine holds seven rounds rather than six, and includes a hard rubber extension that allows your little finger to hold on to the grip. When I got the P938, I assumed I would need the extended magazine to shoot the gun comfortably, but I was surprised at how easily and accurately the pistol shoots with just two fingers on the grip. Still, I am looking forward to trying out the extended magazine. This is what the gun looks like with the extended magazine in place:

So, staying on the subject of firearms, here is NRA commentator Colion Noir, criticizing Hollywood hypocrites who make violent movies and hire bodyguards, but try to prevent other people from defending themselves:

Whether all of that was of great interest to our readers, I have no idea. But it certainly made me feel better!


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