Liberals, Race and Immigration

Paul noted last night that the Democrats “probably need fewer than two dozen House Republican votes” to pass the Gang of Eight’s bill, or some other amnesty proposal. The number depends, obviously, on how many Democrats defect. Which raises the question: how many members of the Congressional Black Caucus–if any–will be willing to stand up and oppose the immigration bill?

The mass importation of unskilled Mexican labor contemplated by the Gang of Eight’s proposal would help certain businesses by driving down wages, but it would devastate America’s working class, especially African-American communities. Three members of the Civil Rights Commission have written to the Congressional Black Caucus, arguing this conclusion in persuasive detail. Other black leaders have also urged that the Gang’s legislation be opposed, because of the impact it will have on African-American unemployment and underemployment.

So far, however, I am not aware of any members of the CBC who have come out against the bill. What we see in progress is a massive sellout of blue collar Americans, and especially black Americans, by liberals in the Democratic Party. Does anyone in the Congressional Black Caucus care? Has anyone in the Congressional Black Caucus even noticed? This really is the acid test that will show whether African-American politicians will ever be willing to leave the Democratic Party plantation behind and vote their consciences.