Private Versus Public in Two Charts

Our pal Mark Perry put out the first chart here today, showing that the recent growth in oil production in the United States is the largest in the nation’s history.  Some time I’m going to have to go back and collate all of the “peak oil” pronouncements from just a few years ago that U.S. oil production was destined to decline, full stop.  Instead, as Mark puts it, “Welcome to ‘Saudi America’s’ shale revolution.”

Naturally Obama, like any craven politician, has tried to claim credit for this happy development, which is an extreme unhappy development for environmentalists everywhere.  In one sentence, the environmental movement is being run over by the freight train of the hydrocarbon renaissance right now, but they still think that headlight is the light at the end of the fossil fuel tunnel and the opening to green energy nirvana.

But never mind that.  The second chart here, from our friends at the Institute for Energy Research, shows how in fact virtually all of the action is taking place on private land.  Imagine what we could do in energy if we had an administration that was actually for domestic energy production?


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