Soft Power finds a perfect home

It was always just a matter of time until President Obama, once elected to a second term, handed a major position to his favorite foreign policy analyst, Samantha Power. Now, with Susan Rice moving from the U.N. to the White House as National Security Adviser, Obama is set to nominate Power as ambassador to the U.N.

Power’s selection for a highly visible position had to await Obama’s second term because Power is virulently anti-Israel, even more so than Chuck Hagel whom Obama, once safely reelected, appointed Secretary of Defense. And her selection for a position like the U.N. ambassador had, I assume, to await the exit of Hillary Clinton from the administration. Power once called Clinton a “monster.”

I documented Power’s anti-Israel positions in a series of posts which I summarized here. We’ll have more to say about this as her nomination moves through the Senate.

The Senate process will be uncomfortable for Power, but I expect her to be confirmed. At worst, she may have to spend some quality time with Chuck Schumer, so he can vouch for (or, to be more accurate, fabricate) her pro-Israel credentials. In any case, it should be fun watching Power try to explain away her vicious utterances about the Jewish State.

Unlike Hagel, Power won’t be able to do much harm in her new perch. At the U.N, Power will defend Israel (or not) from the usual vicious assaults to precisely the extent that Obama directs.

At the end of the day, this is a perfect fit — Israel-hating Samantha (Soft) Power and the U.N.