Spindle Time

1.  There’s a lot of miscellaneous stories right now that deserve brief notice.  Start with this headline: “VP Biden Says Educators Should Learn To Recognize Mental Illness.”

Excuse me a minute while I clear out the coffee I snorted all over my keyboard.

2.  Did you know that the IRS official who (badly) plays Spock in that infamous Star Trek parody video is named . . . Faris Fink.  Now, he can’t help his name, of course, but why haven’t we gotten the obvious parody video from someone, entitled Faris Fink’s Day Off?  Oh, that’s right—this wasn’t a day off at all, but another day at the “office” for our self-entitled bureaucrats.  Fink has “apologized,” but defended the indefensible in his “apology” by saying “I think it is important to point out that in carrying out this 2010 meeting, we followed IRS and government procedures that were in place at the time.”

That’s exactly the problem.  As Michael Kinsley famously remarked many years ago in one of his rare lucid moments, what’s amazing in Washington isn’t what’s illegal, but what’s legal.  That such an egregious event as the IRS conference where this video was produced and displayed was within the existing government guidelines tells us all we need to know about what’s wrong with our bloated, entitled government today.

3.  Don’t suppose this kind of bureaucratic presumption is limited to the IRS.  The EPA, it turns out, has been building secret “man caves.”  Probably as a place to stash “Richard Windsor.”  Heh.

4.  I know the Scottish supposedly speak the same language we do, but I’ll need a translator for this 35-second clip from what appears to the Edinburgh equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show:

5.  For John Hinderaker’s beat: The Ten Most Beautiful Women of the Detroit Auto Show.  What?  How come no “Miss Prius”?

6.  The Myth of the Scientific Liberal.  Needs no further commentary from me.


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