Tell Dems: Stop scamming voters

The Democrats of the (Democratic) House Majority PAC are out with a seemingly ubiquitous Internet ad that blares:



Usage note: “Ubiquitous” is an adjective that does not admit of comparison. It means present everywhere at once. Something is not “very” ubiquitous, or “relatively” ubiquitous. In this context, when I use the adjective, I am describing a stupid left-wing ad that appears even on Power Line (where I found the ad whose text I typed above) and other conservative sites.

What’s happening here? The Democrats of the (Democratic) House Majority PAC attacking Rep. Kline have a a big staff and a lot of money to spend. Turning to their site, I find that they have announced: With Bachmann out, Democrats target Kline’s seat. Ah, so that’s what’s happening here.

Both John Hinderaker and I live in Minnesota’s Second District, in which John Kline represents us in Congress. We’ve known John for a long time. We also consider him a friend. We think highly of him.

I’m sure I’m overlooking somebody, but offhand I can’t think of a Democratic congressman who’s fit to shine John’s shoes. He is, I think it can be said, a solid guy. During his long and distinguished service in the Marine Corps, John served as a helicopter pilot and earned the responsibility of flying Marine One. He also served as a personal military aide to Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

In Congress John serves as Chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee. Now why would he want student loan rates to skyrocket? According to the Democrats of the (Democratic) House Majority PAC, John wants the interest rates on student loans to more than double! (exclamation point in original, of course).

The Democrats of the (Democratic) House Majority PAC to the contrary notwithstanding, I’m quite sure he doesn’t. Looking around online, I find that John recently explained his proposal on student loans in a column for the Rochester Post-Bulletin. The New York Times covered the introduction of John’s bill in the article “Bills would prevent rise in student loan rates.” John has posted a subsequent interview here. Please check them out if you have any interest in the issue.

Apart from the merits of the issue, we can learn a few things of interest from the Democrats’ attack on John Kline. Democrats don’t think too highly of the low information voters who make up much of their base. They believe the voters to be highly susceptible to inherently implausible claims of the Big Lie variety through constant repetition.

The Democrats of the (Democratic) House Majority PAC need a cartoon villain to raise money from their target audience. The withdrawal of Michele Bachmann from the field of available villains has set the Dems back on their heels. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of the target in this case would know that the villainy attributed to John is entirely a projection.

John Kline is not a good target for Democrats to take out in 2014. If this is the best they can do, Republicans shouldn’t be in for too rough a ride holding their majority in the House. John defeated his Democratic opponent in 2012, a strong Democratic year in Minnesota, by 8 points. John is highly likely to do better than that in an off-year election. The Democrats of the (Democratic) House Majority PAC are whistling in the wind on this one.

Democrats of the ilk of the (Democratic) House Majority PAC feel free to lie with utter impunity. They know they will never be called on their lies by anyone who counts in their world.


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