Understanding the IRS scandal

Obama’s new head of the IRS is one Danny Werfel. Werfel is working overtime to obscure the scandals in which the IRS is enveloped, seeking to persuade credulous reporters that the IRS mistreated citizens on a nonpartisan basis. Thus stories like Alan Fram’s big AP story, picked up by Drudge: “Documents show the IRS also screened liberal groups.”

Who is Danny Werfel? Ron Fournier explains that he is Obama’s political ally, transferred from the Office of Management and Budget to the IRS, where as acting commissioner Werfel would investigate his own administration.

So far it’s working out beautifully despite the absurdity Fournier highlights. If you want to get the sand out of your eyes, please check out Eliana Johnson’s “What really happened with the IRS’s ‘lookout lists.'” The Obama administration and its many media friends are doing their damndest to prevent us from understanding the scandal and pursuing it.