“Wake Up, America!”

Massive protests and counter-protests are under way in Egypt. It is hard to be optimistic about events in that part of the world, but who knows? The course Egypt is on is unsustainable, as its economy is close to utter collapse. I don’t see how the current Muslim Brotherhood regime can stave off that collapse, so change of some sort seems inevitable. Perhaps it will be for the better.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration’s policy toward Egypt, as toward other Muslim countries, is a mystery. Fox’s Bret Baier posted this photo, which was sent to him by a friend who is on the scene in Cairo:

Well, yes. So he does. What is bizarre is that Obama hasn’t just tolerated the Brotherhood’s rise to power, he has abetted it. It would be defensible to argue that we have little power to influence events in Egypt, and, moreover, attempts on our part to exercise influence are likely to backfire; therefore we should stand aside and do nothing. But why Obama would consider it a good idea to put America’s thumb on the scale on the side of the Brotherhood is beyond me.