Blogs to Log

Aside from Power Line, where else do you find worthy blog action these days?

I like to take in the Post-Modern Conservative blog, which is a project of the good people at First Things.  I’m not convinced that “post-modern conservatism” (a project of one of the main contributors to the site, Peter Lawler of Berry College) isn’t an oxymoron, or at least hugely problematic, but the entries on this site are always good, and include a number of alumni of my old home turf at NoLeftTurns (whose archives are still up!) including Lawler, Peter Spiliakos, and Kate Pitrone.  (And while we’re talking about First Things, this is a good place to note the publication of a Festschrift for Hadley Arkes, A Second Look at First Things: The Case for Conservative Politics.  Richard John Neuhaus named the magazine after Hadley’s 1986 book First Things, naturally prompting Hadley to say he would title his next book Urology and What It Can Do for You, just to confound Neuhaus.)

Next, if you want good cultural commentary—and who doesn’t?—check out  It features a stable of young, up-and-coming conservative writers including Emily Esfahani Smith (who seems to be everywhere), Julia Shaw, R.J. Moeller, Mark Tapson, and many others.  Enjoy especially this trailer for the site, “Taking Back the Culture One Post at a Time”:

Finally, at the complete other end of the blog spectrum, econonerds will want to take note of Stanford economist John Taylor’s blog, economicsone.  If you don’t know about the “Taylor Rule,” you can check it out here.  There’s a high chance that a future Republican president will install Taylor at the head of the Federal Reserve or Treasury Department to help unwind the damage of the Obama years.


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