How to Make Enviros Become Climate Skeptics

How can you make environmentalists come about against the global warming crusade?  By publishing more government studies, like the one just out from Britain, showing that global warming will be positive for the economy.  From the Times of London (“See: Global Warming Has a Bright Side”):

A SURGE in global temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions could create a boost for parts of the British economy, a government report will suggest this week.

The National Adaptation programme, to be published tomorrow by Defra, the environment ministry, will suggest that farming, forestry and tourism will all benefit from warmer summers, while shipping will profit from the shorter sea routes caused by the melting of the ice caps.

It will even say that rising warmth might boost Britons’ health, encouraging them to spend more time outdoors, where exposure to sunshine would boost vitamin D levels.

And the Telegraph reports:

Climate change will be good for British farming, according to Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, with exotic crops such as melons already thriving. In a speech at the Oxford Farming Conference, she said that, although problems such as droughts would become more frequent, warmer weather would also mean a longer growing season and less frost damage, allowing the introduction of crops such as peaches, maize and sunflowers. Already 10,000 melons are expected to be harvested in Kent this year.

Another sign that the media is turning against the Climate Narrative.  Love this graphic from the Times:

The climateers constantly argue that there is all kinds of money to be made suppressing hydrocarbon energy and adopting wind and hamster power, unicorn flop sweat, and other costly inferior energy sources, but the UK’s new assessment suggests that there is much more profit to be had in adaptation to a warmer world.  Keep this up and environmentalists will to abandon their own theory.


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