Plurality Agrees With Zimmerman Verdict

For all the hysteria in the wake of the supposedly shocking George Zimmerman verdict, Scott Rasmussen finds that a strong plurality of American adults, 48%-34%, agree with it. So why is the minority represented by Eric Holder, Barack Obama, CNN etc. harping so much on what seems like a losing issue?

Two reasons, I think. One, liberals are used to being able to bully the rest of us, notwithstanding that they have always represented a minority, especially in matters that touch on race. I think they are upset that this time, their bullying failed. Two, for the Democrats, everything is about 2014. Their base represents a minority view of the Zimmerman case, but it is a passionate minority. As with gun control and various other issues, the Democrats don’t expect any practical results from politicizing the Zimmerman case, other than to drive turnout in next year’s election.