Richard Thompson Ford: An expert who…

Richard Thompson Ford is a Stanford University Law School professor who does not struggle with issues of self-esteem. He somewhat immodestly fancies himself “[a]n expert on civil rights and antidiscrimination law [who] has distinguished himself as an insightful voice and compelling writer on questions of race and multiculturalism.”

I have it on good authority that Ford is probably the only person who has ever described himself as such. Not surprisingly, in a column on the Zimmerman case for the New Republic, Ford got just about everything that mattered to his judgment of the case wrong. I think he might more aptly be described as an “expert” who can’t keep his mouth shut when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Ford’s editors at TNR are more of the same.

Michelle Meyer slices and dices Ford’s assertions of fact here and here. Glenn Reynolds gives the official InstaPundit condensed version here.


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