Sexting while Hispanic

New York’s silly season just got sillier. One of Weiner’s opponents in the mayoral race has demanded that Weiner apologize to Hispanics for using the name Carlos Danger in his obscene texts.

Rev. Erick Salgado complained that “for Anthony Weiner to hide under a Spanish name to do his bad behavior is very insulting to the Spanish community.” He added:

I believe he have to apologize to the Latino community. Every time, many people do wrong behavior, it’s always a Carlito, a Pedrito, a Miguelito. But behind that name, it was really not a Carlito. It was a ‘Anthony Weiner.’

Actually, Weiner, far from hiding under a Spanish name, wanted his internet flame to know who he is. Indeed, he wished to capitalize on his identity and reputation as, among other things, an Obamacare ranter.

Weiner does owe New York Hispanics an apology, though. It’s the same apology he owes to every other New Yorker for running for mayor.

Via Sterling Beard at NRO.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Weiner has been accosted by a man wearing a Zorro-like outfit who claims to be the real Carlos Danger. The costumed Carlos demanded to know why Weiner stole his name.

Why can’t the “real” Carlos just move on.

MORE: On the bright side, Weiner does not believe that he engaged in lewd text exchanges with more than three women following his tearful resignation from Congress.