Soft Weiner

So the LA Dodgers, my old hometown team, are surprisingly in first place in the National League West, which reminds me of my favorite stadium fare of old, the foot-long Dodger dogs (which are probably $29.95 nowadays).  But Anthony Weiner, the gift that keeps on giving, has ruined foot-long hot dogs forever (add your own sequels to this stream of consciousness if you like), because his latest effort is a stretcher that would embarrass Pinocchio.

Weiner’s out (oh no. . .) with this soft focus ad talking about how it’s all about the voters and their concerns about jobs, which only goes to show that it’s all about him.  (Curious that there doesn’t seem to be a YouTube version of this ad up yet.  And can the “Hitler learns about Weiner’s texts” parody be far behind?  If I wasn’t traveling again today, I’d be tempted to do it myself.)

Well, how do actual voters feel about him?  Here’s one voter who does indeed connect “jobs” with Weiner’s own job performance; you get the feeling from this that Weiner finds this kind of unpleasant confrontation exhilarating, which only underscores what a deeply disturbed human being he is:

Yes, please Anthony, stay in the race.  The NY Post Page Six needs the material.