The Dems Can’t Defend Obamacare, So They Smear the Koch Brothers Instead

Yesterday another email from the Democratic Party landed in my inbox. The subject was Obamacare. Or rather, the subject, as always, was fundraising. But Obamacare was the pretext; the first of them, anyway.

From: Democrats 2014
Date: July 12, 2013, 6:14:19 PM CDT
To: “Hinderaker, John H.”
Subject: John, meet Julie

John —

Meet Julie, mother of two. Julie is worried about Obamacare. This is her worried face:

That image is from an inoffensive 30-second television ad sponsored by Americans For Prosperity that is running in several states. Here is the ad:

Julie is apparently a real mother, and her concerns about the “train wreck” of Obamacare–so described by Max Baucus, the law’s principal author–are obviously legitimate. So what substantive arguments do the Democrats marshal in response to the ad? Ha Ha! Just kidding, of course:

In reality, Julie is the star of the Koch Brothers’ $1 MILLION ad campaign attacking Obamacare.

I would estimate that 80% of the emails I get from the Democratic Party include attacks on the Koch brothers. Isn’t this another Obama administration scandal? In our history, has there ever been an administration that attacks private citizens in this manner for exercising their constitutional right of free speech? No. It is one more example of the gangster-style rule that Obama has inflicted on the United States.

Note that, if you are a loyal Democrat reading this email, you still have no idea what the AFP ad actually said.

According to the New York Times, the ad uses a classic tactic:

Hey, I’m persuaded! In this case, “the New York Times” means David Firestone, a hyper-partisan, far left Democrat who attacked the AFP ad in a blog entry on the paper’s web site. Firestone thinks it’s a “lie” that Obamacare might mean you can’t continue to see the physician of your choice. Apparently he hasn’t heard about the millions of Americans who have been or will be kicked out of employer-sponsored plans as a result of Obamacare. He also says it’s a “lie” that Obamacare will cause health insurance costs to rise, a claim that is supported by common sense as well as empirical experience. Without mentioning any of that, the Democrats move on to a new topic:

Julie should be worried…about what Republicans in Congress are doing right now.

Julie, mother of two, will have to pay more for college if Republicans don’t budge on student loan rates.

This is one of the Democrats’ more ludicrous claims. In fact, the Republican House enacted legislation to prevent an automatic increase in student loan rates, but the Democratic Senate has refused to act, apparently for the sole reason that the Democrats want to preserve the opportunity to falsely smear Republicans. Unbelievable. (Actually, student loan rates probably should rise, but that is another question.)

And this week, Republicans stripped food stamps for the poor from the farm bill. That hasn’t happened since 1973.

If you understand the significance of that giant disco bill, you have more insight into the Democratic “mind” than I do. But why is it a big deal that food stamps must be included as part of the farm bill, instead of being appropriated separately? Most people probably don’t realize that 80% of the “farm bill” is actually food stamps; perhaps the Democrats want to keep that fact quiet.

They can’t even get their act together to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. (This is how we imagine Republicans’ closed-door meeting went)

Well, I hope the House Republicans won’t pass a “comprehensive immigration bill” that resembles the Senate bill in any way; so do most Americans.

So we know you’re worried, Julie.

But no matter what the Koch brothers say, Obamacare’s not the problem.

It’s these guys.


Democrats 2014

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“Hearts?” Seriously? Not long ago–like, say, until the last six years–this kind of lowbrow appeal would have been unthinkable. But the Democrats have demonstrated that low-information voters can be swayed, and motivated to vote, by a constant barrage of deliberately stupid propaganda. The Republican Party doesn’t do anything remotely like this. Question for discussion: is it time for Republicans to start emulating the Democrats’ low-class appeals?


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