The IRS scandal deepens

If you get your “news” from CNN, you might not know that the IRS scandal reached the IRS Office of the Chief Counsel this week. My daughter Eliana previewed the testimony before the House Oversight Committee yesterday in the NRO column “Targeting from the top.” By my reckoning, that leaves the scandal with one degree of separation from the White House.

So ranking member (or should that be ranking member?) Elijah Cummings and his Democratic colleagues did their best to turn yesterday’s committee hearing into a circus. CNN covered the circus and overlooked the news. In Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room on CNN, which I happened to catch yesterday afternoon, it was situation normal. Peggy Noonan caught the circus but kept her eye on the news, or so I deduce from her excellent Wall Street Journal column “A bombshell in the IRS scandal.”