What a difference an “a” makes

The other night on Piers Morgan’s show, Rachel Jeantel gave us a lesson in the evolving meaning of the words “n*gga” and “cracka.”

As for the “N” word, Jeantel explained that, around the year 2000, the letters “er” were replaced by “a” and the word could now be applied to any kind of male – black, white, Hispanic, and even Chinese. As for “cracka,” it no longer refers to white people, but now applies to any “person who acts like they’re a police, like a security guard.”

If there’s a new trial, perhaps Jeantel can testify as an expert in etymology.

Jeantel is correct that language evolves. For example, I understand that sometime around August 2006, the word “farmer” evolved into “farma,” and came to encompass pasty chefs, ballerinas, and jockeys (lil farmaz).

And just this summer, the word “murderer” evolved into “murdera.” It now includes someone who shoots and kills a person who is beating him senseless, provided that the deceased is black and the shooter is not.

The events that culminated in Trayvon Martin’s death were tragic. But the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial is turning into farce.


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