Chris Christie’s “Berlin Wall” for sexual orientation

Nicholas Frankovich at NRO writes:

Bradley Manning wants to change his sex, and the bien-pensants of the Left honor his decision, changing the gender of the pronouns they use to refer to him. Meanwhile, John Doe wants to change his sexual orientation, but that’s different: They rush to save him from the horror of his self-hatred and psychological self-punishment, as they see it.

Hence the bill that Governor Chris Christie signed in Trenton on Monday: It is now illegal for a psychotherapist in New Jersey to honor a minor’s request for help in becoming heterosexual.

In other words, as Frankovich puts it, the Left believes in open borders for sexual identity, but for sexual orientation it’s the Berlin Wall.

Sadly, Gov. Christie is on board with the Berlin Wall part.

Christie tried to justify his position by citing the American Psychological Association, which, he says, warns that efforts to change sexual orientation can lead to “depression, substance abuse, social withdrawal, decreased self-esteem and suicidal thoughts.” As Frankovich points out, however, a youth seeking to change his orientation presumably suffers already. Now, he’s on his own, at least in New Jersey, because “any medical professional there who tries to help him past Checkpoint Charlie will be breaking the law.”

I can easily look past Christie’s moderation on gay rights issues when it manifests itself in supporting freedom — e.g., the freedom of gays to marry one another. But Christie is no longer a moderate on social issues when he supports a key element of the formerly hidden, but now increasingly prominent, coercive gay rights agenda.