Cleta Mitchell: The IRS scandals, part 2

Cleta Mitchell is the prominent Washington attorney whose practice has given her a front row seat on the IRS scandals. On the just completed NR cruise Cleta gave one of the most compelling presentations involving topical matters of current interest. I asked her if she would let me record some of her comments in four short videos. The first video is here. The second is below.

I asked Cleta to follow up her comments regarding True The Vote in the video posted in part 1. In the video below Cleta concludes that the IRS has consistently lied about the facts underlying the scandal. Moreover, Cleta asserts (explains), every one of the false IRS statements mimicked by the White House and the Democrats on the investigating congressional committees is likewise a lie. We are inundated with lies. Please attend to what she has to say. She knows what she is talking about.