Sign of the Times

I can feel New York Times editorials killing brain cells when I read them. Times editorials should come accompanied by a warning that they may be hazardous to your health. To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Falstaff, they are not only stupid, they are the cause of stupidity in others. Our friend Bill Otis writes to draw attention to a striking example:

Occasionally you take the wood to the New York Times for its errors. My friend Kent Scheidegger, blogging on Crime & Consequences, just put up a deconstruction of a NYT editorial that criticized the courts’ refusal to stop the execution of an allegedly mentally disabled multiple killer.

Kent’s piece is the most thorough and devastating indictment of an editorial in a mainstream paper I have ever read, and I’m 67 years old. It exposes the truly breathtaking dishonesty of the editorial in a fashion that leaves nothing to the Times’s credibility, such of it as there was anyway.

A paper capable of this degree of dishonesty anywhere in its pages should, by all rights, be out of business. I think Kent’s piece may be something you would want to consider putting up on PL.

Kent’s post is “Editorial errors” and we agree with Bill that you will find it of interest.