Fools and knaves: CNN on the case

CNN’s Jake Tapper straightforwardly presented the purported video connection to the terrorist assault on our men and facilities in Benghazi as something like a pack of lies yesterday. Tapper doesn’t call the story a pack of lies. Rather, he derisively calls the line peddled by the administration “a certain story.” This represents progress of a kind.

NRO has posted the video of Tapper’s segment here in a post by Andrew Johnson. Filmmaker and Obama administration fall guy Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, just released from incarceration in Texas last week, appears in the segment for an interview by telephone.

Nakoula has essentially nothing of interest to say. The story all along has been the pack of lies served up by Obama and his minions including Hillary Clinton. Along with American Glob, I think the newsworthy note in the segment (remembering that this is CNN) is Tapper’s mocking introduction.

Starting with several posts on the Sunday of Susan Rice’s appearance on all the network gabfests (September 16,2012), I commenced a series under the heading “Fools and knaves.” This post is a late addition to the series.