If you knew T-Bone…

Yesterday at NRO my daughter Eliana explored the friendship of future New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker with a dodgy gentleman named T-Bone. T-Bone, it turns out, is a figment of the imagination of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American ancestors. (That would be Senator Warren to you, buddy. If Erich Segal were around to rewrite Love Story today, the tag line would have to be: “Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry.”)

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake reports that Booker’s campaign is standing by T-Bone, sort of, and provides this explanation for Booker’s use of him, courtesy of University of North Carolina professor of social work Walter Farrell:

Farrell argues that Booker serves up fables that appeal to his audiences. “Upper-middle-class white people love to hear these stories, you know, somebody who cares. So Cory Booker gave it to them and is still giving it to them,” he says.

Yes, that explains a lot, and the explanation has a wider application than T-Bone. Thank you, Professor Farrell.

T-Bone of course inspired a lot of mockery on Twitter, with Michelle Malkin leading the pack on Twitchy. It was hard to keep up but, if you believe that laughter is the best medicine, well worth your time. In the video below Booker gives the lowdown on T-Bone.