Kerry the Fool, and Other Syria Notes

So in the Week in Pictures roundup this morning, I included the photo of the left’s anti-Syrian intervention protest:

Well, actually, I did stumble across a lefty anti-Syrian intervention protest on campus yesterday, as you’ll see here:

But wait!  Once you got up close and personal, you found out that the real motivation for the protest was not any genuine anti-interventionist views, but hatred for Israel.  So all’s right with the left after all:

One of the protesters had a t-shirt that read, “Sanction Israel, Not Iran or Syria.”  Got it.

Not many of the passing students seemed to pay much attention to this little knot of knotheads.

Meanwhile, I’m guessing that the main reason for John Kerry’s transformation into a neocon interventionist is mostly his anger at being humiliated (though you’d imagine his self-humiliations—think windsurfing and flower-power zipper pulls—would be sufficient, but I guess that would require self-awareness).  Here’s a photo I’m sure Kerry would like to have the NSA figure out how to make disappear (electronic rendition anybody?), showing his saintliness and his wife Ter-EEH-suh dining with the “reformer” Assad in 2009.

This guy can’t even pass his own “global test.”