Like Freedom? Support the Freedom Club!

I am a long-time member and former President of the Freedom Club of Minnesota. The Freedom Club is one of the most effective, dynamic conservative organizations I know of. It has done more to identify and promote conservative political candidates in Minnesota than any other group, and to the extent conservatism has made political inroads in a traditionally blue state (for philosophical inroads, see the Center of the American Experiment), the Freedom Club deserves, and gets, most of the credit.

What I always say about conservative organizations is: not only do we do the Lord’s work, we have an awful lot of fun! Which we did last week at the Freedom Club’s annual Summer dinner, hosted by one of our members. This video conveys in a cheerful way what the club is all about. Not only that, it features my wife!

If you live in or near Minnesota and can afford (despite the Obama economy) to make a contribution to the cause of freedom that is not de minimis but not unreasonable either, I would urge you, as I have many of my friends, to join the Freedom Club. If you don’t live in Minnesota or can’t spring for a membership, you can still contribute to the club’s work by going here. Contributions of any size are happily accepted. When the GOP swept both houses of Minnesota’s legislature in 2010, the Freedom Club, with its assiduous data gathering and carefully targeted expenditures, got most of the credit. We lost in 2012, swamped by the quadrennial DFL turnout, but are gearing up now for 2014. I don’t think there is a more efficient place to put your conservative dollars than the Freedom Club, so please do consider a contribution.

And if your state doesn’t have something like the Freedom Club, it should! For information about how to duplicate the club’s success, write to [email protected]


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