Missiles gone missing

Our friend Hugh Hewitt took up the question of missiles gone missing that we posed yesterday. Hugh raised the question on his syndicated radio show at the top of his interview with Rep. Peter King. Rep. King’s comments lend credence to the remarks of Joseph DiGenova’s that we discussed, though not necessarily to the Benghazi connection. Rep. King responded to Hugh’s question as follows:

You know, I can’t go into all the details of that. All I can say is we are very concerned about missiles in Libya that have gone missing that we believe…ended up in the hands of al Qaeda, and they’re very likely in areas such as Syria. I’m not trying to be cute. I just can’t go into that. Some of that information regarding all that is classified, but no, there’s a real concern. This goes back to when the war, or when Gaddafi was overthrown, that the Obama administration did not take proper measures to secure the weapons, that people like Mike Rogers and the Intelligence Committee were warning them that there were just stockpiles of weapons everywhere – MPADS, all sorts of very dangerous weapons, very sophisticated weapons. And our administration, the Obama administration, and our allies did not take proper measures to secure those weapons.

The entire interview is worth reading, but these comments in particular warrant attention.


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