Most People Hate Obamacare

That is the takeaway from this poll by The Morning Consult, which sampled 2,076 registered voters. The results generally indicate a high level of opposition to Obamacare–no surprise there–but what most struck me was the response to this question:

The question is of course ridiculous: no one has proposed “legislation that proposes to shut down the government if Congress does not defund” Obamacare. Some Republicans have proposed passing a spending resolution that funds everything except Obamacare, but the government would only shut down if the Democrats decide that is to their political advantage to refuse to pass any spending bill. The Republican proposal is to shut down only Obamacare, not the government.

Yet, despite that biased presentation of the question, the results are almost even: 48% approve of the alleged proposal to shut down the government, while 53% disapprove. Among the coveted Hispanic demographic, the breakdown is 55/45. It would seem, therefore, that if the Republicans play their cards right, they can box the Democrats into a position where the Dems’ decision to shut down the government would do them little or no good politically, and meanwhile, Obamacare might actually be defunded.


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