Not Even Parody Is Safe Any More (With Update)

I was going to make Power Line a Filner-Weiner-free zone this week–after all, what more is there to say about these skeevy creeps?  But there’s news worth passing along, starting with the terrific decision by San Diego-area Hooter’s restaurants to ban Filner from their premises.

Heh.  Double-heh.  But wait–there’s more!  A local video outfit produced the following parody video below, and it has excited comment (after the jump) that it is “sexist” or something stupid like that.

So here’s the complaint as passed along by TalkingPointsMemo:

Some Southern California media outlets slammed the spoof. The Los Angeles Times’s Robin Abcarian wrote that the U-T TV station “has chosen to demean women to get its message across,” while the Voice of San Diego’s Sara Libby wrote the parody “seizes on a subject ripe with potential for legitimate news, and instead produces something vapid and embarrassing.”

Get a life, people!  (Actually I think the real story here is desperately trying to change the subject from the Democrats’ “war on women.”)

UPDATE: Just when you think the Filner story can’t get any crazier, news out this afternoon is that a great-grandmother is claiming Filner harassed her.  And she’s going to be represented at the press conference by–wait for it now–Gloria Allred.  (What took her so long?  Probably the D after Filner’s name.)