Obama Does Geography

Why does President Obama stick so close to his teleprompter? Because when he tries to ad lib, the results are often embarrassing. We have commented a number of times on Obama’s below-average knowledge of history; on the Jay Leno show last night, it was geography. Obama identified Charleston, Savannah and Jacksonville as Gulf ports:

I assume that if he thought about it for a moment, Obama would realize that South Carolina and Georgia are not on the Gulf of Mexico (nor is Jacksonville, although Obama may not know that). So one could say that this is a mere verbal flub, as opposed to some of Obama’s Howard Zinn-style historical errors, which he likely actually believes. But it is one of many. Forced to improvise without his teleprompter, Obama is a gaffe machine.

UPDATE: The Associated Press covered for Obama by changing the quote so it wouldn’t sound stupid. Seriously.