Of Rice and men

Susan Rice is the protagonist of our “Fools and knaves” series going back to the Sunday she hit the gabfests to circulate the Obama administration’s stupid Benghazi talking points in her capacity as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She is the protagonist, but she is of course supported by a cast of Obama administration all stars including her patron. She is a piece of work.

Failing upward, she now serves as President Obama’s National Security Advisor. Yesterday she took to Twitter to criticize Syrian President Bashar Assad in two related tweets:

Strong stuff! Twitchy collects some of the responses Rice elicited in “What is Assad hiding? NSA Susan Rice asks, Twitter answers.” Among the respondents are James Taranto, Alex Berenson, Ezra Levant (who pours it on), the great Iowahawk (below), Clay Johanson and Richard Grenell. Please check it out.


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