Road & Track in the rearview mirror

Daniel Gelernter is the chief executive officer of the tech startup Lifestreams. Dan writes:

Road & Track was looking for a cute analogy to use in their July 2013 review of the Jaguar F-Type. So they said the car was so great, “only someone with the insensitivity of a Guantanamo guard” wouldn’t notice it right away.

As it happens, I have a friend who was an Army MP down in Gitmo. Every day he risked getting stabbed, bitten, having feces thrown in his face. And he still had to handle the detainees’ taxpayer-provided Korans always with two hands and while wearing gloves, not to show disrespect. How’s that for insensitivity?

A detainee who succeeds in biting a guard, by the way, may lose access to the camp’s DVD collection for a while.

Ignorance of what our own guys face in Gitmo is bad enough. Disrespect is inexcusable. Road & Track just generated a new customer for Autoweek.


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