Rocky Mountain Meet Up Notes

Orson Olson, risking his life

About 30 people turned out for the impromptu Power Line “Take Back Boulder” Rocky Mountain Meet Up yesterday at the Bohemian Biergarten in downtown Boulder.  Don Brookins, the creator of the “Doorbell” entry from the Power Line Prize Competition two years ago, was there, along with a lot of other folks who came in some cases from a considerable distance.  Orson Olson risked injury to his person by defiantly wearing a “Climategate” t-shirt, and carrying a knapsack full of subversive books.  Eric Weissmann, a former GOP candidate for Congress from the Boulder district, was also present.

Not sure I have all the names correct in the cutlines of these photos; please send me a note or fill in the correct info in the comment section below.  I’ll try to do more during the year.  I’ll probably need it for my sanity.  But for anyone not too scared of venturing again into East Berlin Boulder, I’ll be doing my first major public lecture this Thursday evening at 7 pm in Old Main, on the subject, “Why Are There So Few Conservatives in Higher Education, and Does It Matter?”  Should be interesting.  Parking, as with most universities, is always difficult so come early.  You can read more details here.  If you miss it, I’ll likely post a revised text at some point.

Power Liners slowly take over the back room.

Bill & Bonnie Ramthun

Bonnie is a novelist.  Here’s her author page.


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