The Dems Rally Their Legions of Haters for 2014

This email arrived yesterday from MoveOn, whose communications are generally indistinguishable from those of the Democratic Party. The subject line was “New York Times stunner.”

Republicans are trying to steal control of the U.S. Senate by making it harder to vote.

Pitch in to help defend the right to vote and stop Republicans from stealing the 2014 election.

This plea requires a certain chutzpah, as stealing elections at the polls has always been a Democratic specialty. I think what they are actually referring to is Republican efforts to ensure honest voting so that Democrats can’t steal elections.

Dear MoveOn member,

This is stunning: The New York Times’ data wizard Nate Silver—who predicted the 2012 election results state-by-state with uncanny accuracy—is now projecting that, “Republicans [are] close to even-money to win control of the [Senate] after next year’s elections.”

It’s the worst-case scenario: Republicans win a majority in the Senate, and we can kiss the rest of President Obama’s agenda goodbye.

So what is the rest of President Obama’s agenda? Inquiring minds want to know! But there evidently aren’t many inquiring minds among the Democrats, as these partisan communications never breathe a word of any positive program. They are exclusively about hating Republicans.

To make things worse, they have a plan to steal the 2014 election starting right now by making it harder for seniors, students, poor people, and African-Americans to vote.

This is insane, yet, repeated insistently and frequently enough, it has an effect.

Back in May, the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act.

Thankfully, yes. Democrats act as though gutting the grotesquely discriminatory provisions of the Voting Rights Act is the same as gutting voting rights.

Since then, Republicans in key states have been racing to purge voter rolls…

Yes, to purge them of dead people. Does anyone seriously believe that there are Republican proposals to purge voter rolls of legitimate, living voters, who are registered in only one precinct? Leaders of the Democratic Party apparently believe that their followers are dumb enough to believe exactly that. If you get enough communications from the Democratic Party, this is the overriding conclusion you come away with: the Democrats’ leaders believe that their voters are idiots.

…eliminate early voting, and require new photo IDs to vote—anything they can do to make it harder to vote.

What they mean is, anything they can do to make it harder to commit voter fraud.

And in an election as close as this one will be, even 1-2 percentage points could turn the tide.

Which is why the Dems have long viewed voter fraud as their ace in the hole, and why they are determined to preserve the fraud option.

You think the fights over the budget, Obamacare, and immigration are bad now? Imagine Mitch McConnell in control of the U.S. Senate. Try getting any pro-choice judge confirmed for the Supreme Court against a GOP majority. Or stopping cuts to Social Security. Forget it.

Paranoid fantasies are a staple of these messages. Presumably Obama will only nominate pro-abortion justices to the Supreme Court, and they will be confirmed just like every other pro-abortion judge who has been nominated since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. The last Supreme Court nominee of a Democratic president to be voted down in the Senate was Wheeler Hazard Peckham, nominated by Grover Cleveland in 1894. Only Republican nominees are ever voted down in the Senate. And what “cuts to Social Security” are they talking about? None are in the offing, for better or worse, and President Obama could veto any such cuts should Congress propose them.

The 2014 election is hugely important—and we can’t let Republicans steal it now. So if you think you’ll want to get involved sometime next year, I ask you: Please get engaged right now.

We’re raising $250,000 this week to launch a ‘Let Us Vote’ Campaign to fight back right now—while it can make the greatest difference. Will you help?

“Let us vote.” Good grief!

Yes, I’ll contribute $5 so we can fight back.

How blatant are the GOP’s efforts? North Carolina just passed what’s widely being called the most extreme voter suppression law in the country. It requires Voter ID, reduces early voting, and ends same-day registration.

Why there? Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina is just one of four Democrats up for re-election next year in a state won by Mitt Romney. If Republicans can reduce turnout in North Carolina and defeat her, it’ll drastically improve their odds of taking the Senate.

A large majority of Americans believe that only legal, registered voters should participate in elections, and that each voter should cast only one ballot. The purpose of voter ID laws is to advance that objective. But to the Democrats, these are “extreme voter suppression laws.” What they really mean is, they are voter fraud suppression laws. That is why the Democrats don’t like them.

To reverse the effects of this effort, we have a 3-pronged plan of attack:

1. We’ll launch state-by-state campaigns to roll back discriminatory voter suppression laws, rules and regulations when state legislatures are back in session.

2. We’ll prepare a traditional and online media blitz, highlighting both the actions of extreme politicians like North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and the stories of heroic individual voters whose rights are being trampled.

Yes, we can’t wait to see those heroic stories! No doubt they will provide fertile soil for fact-checking.

3. We’ll organize an aggressive counter-intimidation campaign to mobilize the very same voters who are being disenfranchised. This tactic was proven to work last election, when showing voters what Republicans are really up to actually motivated unlikely voters to overcome barriers to get to the polls.

I think that is correct: with their policy initiatives revealed as failures, and with their intellectual cupboard bare of new ideas, the Democrats have learned that organizing hate campaigns against the Republicans that stir up racial divisions and mislead poorly-informed voters is their best strategy. They will pursue it again between now and November 2014.

We helped beat back the GOP voter suppression machine in 2012—and we can do it again—but all of us need to help. And we can’t afford to wait until next year. Are you in to support our “Let Us Vote” campaign?

Yes, I’ll contribute $5.

Thanks for all you do.

As noted above, the remarkable thing about the appeals the Democratic Party makes to its faithful is that they are completely devoid of any reference to public policy. They contain no facts and assert no arguments. They contain no positive element. They simply paint Republicans as villains and urge their followers to contribute to the Democratic team. Hey, the Obama administration, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi may be complete failures, but at least they aren’t Republicans! That is the pitch.

Will it work in 2014? I don’t know, but it certainly did in 2012. I wouldn’t bet against it this time.

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