A 1959 Lincoln Continental . . . Hybrid?

This is one of those irresistible stories: Neil Young’s hybrid-electric car broke down the other day while he was driving to  . . . an environmental jamboree.  Heh.  Double-heh.  But what’s this? His car is a 1959 Lincoln Continental?  That cost him $1 million to trick out?

Neil Young, a high-profile proponent of cars powered by alternative fuels, was recently stranded on the highway when his own $1 million biomass-powered hybrid car broke down.

California highway patrol officers found the Canadian rocker stranded on the side of a road near Donner Summit, Calif.

Young was on his way to an environmentalist festival in Canada, according to the Sierra Sun, driving his custom-made hybrid electric 1959 Lincoln Continental.

“The car is touted as the world’s first full-sized luxury series hybrid electric car powered by biomass, according to the   LincVolt website,” the Sun reported.

Let’s see: what’s the appropriate sound track for this farce?  “Helpless”?  “Let’s (Not) Roll”?  “Hitchhiker”?  “Long May You Run (On Biofuels)?”  “Roll Another Number (For the Road)”?  How about “Walk On.”