A Gullible Fool at That

I’ve known all along that Obama is a fool, and probably a knave too, but I didn’t think he was totally gullible.  (Well yes, he did pick John Kerry for secretary of state, so I should know better.)  His “hopeful” phone call with Iran’s new “moderate” President Rouhani brings to mind all of the jokes arising our of our bitter experience with Iran in the 1980s:

What’s an Iranian “moderate”?  An Iranian who’s run out of ammunition.

Today’s version might run something like this:

What’s an Iranian “moderate”?  An Iranian who needs sanctions lifted so he can buy just a few more centrifuges. . .

Of course, there was a joke from around Christmas of 1980 that I wish we could bring back:

What’s flat as a pancake and glows in the dark?  Iran after Ronald Reagan becomes president.

I’m guessing Netanyahu understands this clearly, even if our Boy Blunder president doesn’t.


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