A New Hope for Anthony Weiner?

Just when you think there’s no possible political future for Anthony Weiner. . .

News out of Germany reported in today’s Wall Street Journal about how the Green Party, whose deep radicalism was muted in exchange for a share of power in center-left coalition governments over the last 20 years, began its political existence by championing, among other things, pedophilia.

On Monday, a political scientist hired by the party to investigate its past published a report that ensnared Mr. [Jurgen] Trittin, a 59-year-old former environment minister and one of the Greens’ two lead candidates in this Sunday’s parliamentary election.

Franz Walter wrote in the Tageszeitung, a Berlin daily, that Mr. Trittin was listed as the person responsible for the 1981 platform of a local Greens group.

The platform included the party’s then-demand that sex between adults and children be made legal, as long as no violence or threats of violence were involved. Some Greens-allied groups argued at the time that legalizing pedophilia was part of rebuilding postwar German society into something more open and just.

Mr. Trittin repeated in a swirl of public appearances this week that he had long ago disavowed that position. He said the language at issue in the 1981 document reflected the Greens’ national platform at the time—a “mistake” that “took too long” to rectify.

Good to know that the Green Party has gotten itself sorted out on that whole pedophilia business.  But has anyone checked to see if Mr. Trittin has a Twitter account?  Also, be on the lookout to see if Anthony Weiner is applying for dual U.S.-German citizenship.