Climate Countdown: T-Minus 3, Breaking (Really) Bad Edition

Joe Romm, who some environmentalists have called the Joe McCarthy of the climate campaign, has a brilliant satire up right now at (the climate desk of the Center for American Progress).  I can’t do any better than to just let you take in the Swiftian brilliance of his piece entitled, “Will Breaking Bad Have a ‘Koch Brothers Ending?’” (I swear, I’m not making this up.)

With the finale of AMC’s acclaimed series just two episodes away, the question on everyone’s mind remains … Is “Breaking Bad” an allegory for global warming?

No, it isn’t.  Next question.

“The show has succeeding in explaining what drives someone to so thoroughly use science for evil,” as io9′s Lauren Davis put it last year. A key theme of the show, she notes:

“Science is like so many other powerful things — money, fame, political power. In the hands of someone determined to use it for selfish gains, chemistry can bring about evil things.”

And that brings us to the Kochs.

Really, the article says that.  Losers.

Tune in tomorrow for another installment in our countdown to Friday.