Conservative Professor Comes to Boulder; Biblical Flood Ensues

At least that’s the headline Bill Voegeli of the Claremont Review of Books suggests on Facebook.  Well okay, I’ll take credit.  Our house is high and (relatively) dry, but we’re told to expect another 2 – 3 inches of rain by noon tomorrow, on top of the eight inches we’ve had over the last 48 or so.  I had no idea I was moving to the tropics.  I thought that living at 5,200 feet next to the Rockies meant. . .  something different than this.  (Besides weezing even worse than usual on my morning runs.)  Still waiting for the usual chorus to claim this is proof of—wait for it now—climate change.  Yawn.

So herewith my 2:30 long exclusive to Power Line video report to keep Bill happy.  You can hear the flash flood siren sounding off in one scene.  (And of course, I’m rushing toward the water while this is happening, in my best Dan Rather imitation.)  Best wishes to all Power Line readers in the area who came to our Meet Up (and those who didn’t too).

JOHN adds: Great video, but I don’t get it: I always thought Colorado represents high ground, so that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. Apparently it can: my law firm closed our Boulder office for the day, so I knew it was grim.


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