Garden State Mother Goose

Over at NRO my daughter Eliana has been chronicling the vivid stories retailed by Newark Mayor and prospective New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. I collected links to Eliana’s NRO columns on Booker in “On the Booker beat.” It appears that Booker is something of a compulsive liar. His campaign is therefore mastering the art of the nonresponse response to reporters’ inquiries.

I’m glad to report that Eliana has some company on the Booker beat. In this morning’s New York Post Michael Gartland reviews Booker’s stories and finds them to be “urban legends” grounded in “some truth.” Quotable quote: “Booker has become the Garden State’s Mother Goose, weaving one dramatic tale of heroism after another.”

UPDATE: Eliana comments on Garland’s article in the NRO/Corner post “Cory Booker, Mother Goose.”


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