Hard to Argue with the Truth

So pravda means “truth” in Russian, and it’s certainly hard to argue with the truth that appears in the Soviet Russian official news organ Pravda about John Kerry:

Firstly let us take a look at the “evidence” Obama and Kerry were peddling. For a start, John Kerry makes his mark under Peter’s Principle as a failed Presidential candidate. As a diplomat and statesman, as US Secretary of State, he is either an incompetent jackass or else he is a barefaced, blatant liar, either case rendering him totally unfit for the job.

I think that means they like him.

Then there’s the conclusion:

Moral: President Obama does not have a leg to stand on in his neo-conservative elitist dream to take Syria by force and install a US-friendly regime to give the USA control over the country’s resources before the upcoming attacks against Lebanon and Iran.

Do the Kos kids know about this?


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