It Looks Like a Long Night

The House has passed its latest government funding proposal, which would also delay Obamacare’s individual mandate by one year, and cancel taxpayer subsidies for health insurance for Congressmen and their staffs and senior political appointees in the executive branch. This latest measure passed on a 228-201 vote. For what it’s worth, the Republicans are now picking up a few more Democratic votes. Nine Democrats voted with the majority this time. Still, the Associated Press reports that it is Republican unity that is fraying.

What’s the end game? I assume House Republicans will eventually throw in the towel, either by tomorrow morning or within a few days, and pass a “clean” continuing resolution. Then the spin battle will begin. Did Republicans stage a principled, even heroic struggle to save the American people from the disaster of Obamacare? Or were they humiliated, as a result of following “extremist” Tea Party elements into a foolish ideological cul-de-sac?

The answer will depend in part on what Americans think of Obamacare as it begins to operate during the coming months. If Obamacare is as much of a fiasco as I expect it to be, Republican opposition may wind up looking prescient.


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