Kerry does the full Rice

This morning Secretary of State John Kerry performed the full Rice (formerly the full Ginsburg) on behalf of the Obama administration, appearing on all five Sunday gabfests. Having put himself out there on Friday to make the case for the urgency of action against Bashaar al-Assad on Friday, he now argued that Obama was taking the correct approach in putting the question to Congress. Chris Wallace asked some tough questions on Fox News Sunday (below), including one that worked in a reference to Obama’s golf round after Obama’s surprise announcement yesterday.

Kerry seemed to me to be a tad uncomfortable — quotable quote: “I never mentioned the word ‘quick'” — promising “even more coordinating with our friends and allies.” Even more? Kerry may or may not have earned all those Purple Hearts he was awarded in Vietnam, but he deserves some kind of award for his performance today.

Speaking of Kerry and Vietnam, I wanted to see one question that went unmentioned: “You call Assad a ruthless dictator who is guilty of war crimes. I take it that means you think he’s behaving in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan?”


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