Mercedes Binz Headed for the Used-Pol Lot?

The Hill newspaper is reporting that Obama’s FERC nominee Ronald Binz—“Mercedes Binz” as I call him—is in deep trouble and may have to withdraw:

The White House nomination of Ron Binz to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission appears to be collapsing.

Binz has faced strong opposition from Republicans, and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) also opposes his nomination, endangering his path to confirmation.

On Thursday, a Democratic spokesman on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee said other candidates are being considered for the post.

“The [Senate Energy and Natural Resources] Committee is aware that other candidates are being considered to lead

FERC,” said Keith Chu, a spokesman for the committee’s Democratic leadership. . .

Manchin said earlier Thursday that “I think he he’s gone,” according to Bloomberg.

If this proves out, it likely means Sen. Landrieu, facing a tough re-election from the hydrocarbon state of Louisiana, told the White House she wouldn’t support Binz in the committee or on the Senate floor.  Reid might well have brought Binz to the floor if the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee had passed him out on a tie vote (which is what would have happened if only Manchin voted No).

Good riddance.


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